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Answers to common questions.




Can I rent or lease the cabins?


NO. The cabins are privately held and our recreational use permit does not allow "renting"


How often does a cabin come up for sale?


Although cabins do come up for sale, it is not often. Most residents are long term owners ranging 10-30 years. Generally a life changing event will trigger a sale. Only 13 cabins are in the community, so it's small and tight knit. 


Do you own the land? 


NO, we do not own the land. The land is owned by the USFS. We hold recreational permits for the use of the land. We also pay property tax on the allocated land. We DO own the structures and we are classified as a historical site - one of the very few that is located in a National Monument!


What is a recreational use permit?

Recreation Residences are cabins located in National Forests across the country. The cabins themselves are privately owned by individuals, while the land on which they sit is still owned by the American public under Forest Service management. Cabin owners receive a special use permit to occupy forest land for up to 20-years and are generally renewed. 


Why would you buy a cabin on land you don't own?

This answer is quite simple. These cabins are situated in a small, exclusive, pristine slice of heaven. The surrounding lands are protected and the association provides historical consistency between the cabins to create a look and feel that is not duplicated anywhere else. 

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